This Pro Version of the Glossary Plugin has the following features:
  • To create a better user experience and  more natural access, you can group your terms by category and create vertical archives of terms through the available short codes: Lists of Terms and Lists of Categories
  • Glossary allows you to choose whether to activate its features: pages, archives, categories, tags, taxonomies, etc. -> choose the features you like to use
  • Linked terms can show only a highlight, or a highlight and a tooltip on hover
  • Three tooltip templates to best fit your site’s style
  • You can link terms to internal as well as external locations, and you can optionally add a dedicated icon to indicate external links
  • Glossary for WordPress also supports migration from CM Glossary Tooltip
  • Glossary Free offers three widgets: Glossary Search Bar, Latest Terms, and Glossary categories
  • Choose to show only the tooltip
  • Match terms with case-sensitivity
  • Link only the first occurrence of the same key term
  • Link only the first occurrence of any key term
  • Prevent term links from appearing in their own description page
  • An additional PRO short code, to create a Glossary Index
  • Glossary Alphabetical Index: a widget with five theme styles -> five different layouts to choose from
  • Four more templates to style your tooltips
  • The amazing Tooltip Customizer
  • The opportunity to offer mobile-optimized tooltips, or to disable them on mobile devices altogether
  • The ability to add Custom Fields to your key terms, and the integration with the Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) Custom Fields plugin

Once you have a chance to explore the demo and determine it has all the features you need, let us know, and we can help you get started with your website. If you are looking for less options, check out the standard version of this plugin here.